Whats the Difference between mace and pepper spray

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Citizen comes out with retro speedometer inspired watch!

I really like the idea behind this watch but there is a little something off with the styling in my opinion, its just a little tacky looking at least in this picture. Im not a huge citizen fan but this is an interesting new concept, just a little off in excecution. If you havent checked out wristdreams, its a really cool blog!

Citizen introduces in Japan new Vagary brand wrist watches dubbed Siyuutou.The Citizen Vagary Siyuutou collection consists of 6 series totaling 19 models. The design is inspired by retro car speedometer and radios.The watch displays the day and hour (24) in small dials off center. The big hands still show the time like on a standard analog watch.

Wrist Dreams: Citizen Vagary Siyuutou

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Awsome Bracelet watch combo uses electroluminescent display technology!

Have a look at this innovative new watch that uses electroluminescent display technology to show the time on a flat bracelet, I think this electronic paper will change the look of alot of our every day electronics and change the way we use them and I am excited at the possibilities!

This is just about the coolest watch I have seen. The new concept watch, the DD101, is a fine collaboration of art and technology. The watch takes advantage of the flexibility of electroluminescent display technology. The stunning digital readout is hidden in an oversized bangle, simply pressing the sides causes the time to pop up. This is a very innovative way to revolutionize the watch industry by marketing a watch as a

Wrist Dreams: Now It’s a Bracelet… Now It’s a Watch

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Fm transmitter and Mp3 Playing Watch By Thanko

Another Crazy combination of tech and timekeeping, the Thanko watch combines and MP3 player with an fm radio transmitter to create a musical storage / transmission capable watch that every geek should aspire to own one day!

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Video Watch By Shenzhen Adragon Digitek

Im not sure where the fad of strapping everything that is availiable in portable electronic format to your wrist came from but I’m pretty sure this watch falls into that category! The 9 hours of playback time that the Shenzhen Adragon Digitek offers is very impressive in my mind
Shenzhen Adragon Digitek offers up MP4-playing watch

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Hand Grenade Styled wrist watch!

This watch from Nike bares a striking resemblance to a hand grenade! I think it looks really durable and the number layout is pretty hip but the styling might be a little too chunky for my tastes.

Check it out at Nike.com

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Nerd Watch Museum!

Geek watches are some of my favorites and I just found this awsome site dedicated completely to the the nerd watch! and its called the nerd watch museum believe it or not. They have a pretty active message board as well as a ton of information regarding calculator watches, tv watches, computer watches and anything else that a geek might find worth sporting on their wrist.

PocketCalculatorShow.com Nerd Watch Museum

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Dandelion Clock uses hairdrier to tell time

Just saw this post on wristfasion and I thought it was a cool idea. I never knew about the whole telling time via dandelion thing though

Dandelion Clock

London based Sennep have created an interactive dandelion clock installation that allows users to use a real electric hair dryer to blow away the seeds of a dandelion. Blowing it apart is a popular past-time for children and the number of blows required to completely rid the clock of its seeds is deemed by many to be the time of day. Mind you, this isn’t really a real clock, but I found the concept intriguing enough.

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Sennep(via Pixel Sumo)
Dandelion Clock Video

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Cool huge functioning watch is a creative landscaping idea to say the least

I really though this giant clock was pretty sweet on flickr so I posted it here for you to see. I think this makes a much better centerpiece than many of the fountains I see between streets in cities.

Garden watch

Ntalikeris posted a photo:

Garden watch

In the centre of Thessaloniki, Aristotelous street

Sexy Nixon Watch In A Tastefull Black and White

This Nixon Watch Really, Really makes me happy and this picture of it on flickr in black and white is just perfect. I think the nixon logo is super click in a star trek kinda way and this picture is seriously tempting me to drop some bucks on a nixon of my own!

nixon watch on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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